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Locker Clean-Out: May 27th thru 29th
Posted 5/21/20

Locker Clean-out


Dates:  May 27th thru May 29th, 2020


Time: 9:00am to 1:00pm


Parameters for entering the school:


Per the Governor’s orders, everyone present on campus must wear a mask and maintain social distancing.


A school administrator will be at the front main gate to check in student(s) and to control the flow of students requesting access.


One student and one parent/guardian per family may enter the school


Each building will be allowed limited access

  • 6 students in C building
  • 12 students in D building
  • 12 students in E building
  • 15 students in F building
  • 9 students in the GYM area
  • Coach Montoya's & Coach Rogers classes pick up items on May 27.  
  • Coach Trujillo's & Coach Martinez classes pick up items on May 28.
  • Coach Garcia will be available for students who were not able to pick up items from their locker on the scheduled day may pick up items on May 29.

Please exercise social distancing and do not linger on campus to converse, as others will be waiting their turn.

  1. At check-in, students will be given a card/pass to fill out indicating the building they will enter. If you need a bag for your belongings, please ask at that time.
  2. Doors will be propped open for you; please use the indicated doorways.
  3. Go straight to your locker, empty the contents, and leave any books that belong to the school on top of the lockers to be collected later.
  4. Trash cans will be available in each building to throw away any trash.
  5. Once your locker is empty, return to check-in to turn in your card/pass so another student can take your place.


This will be a slow process that will ensure the safety of the students, their family and the school staff.