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Cell Phone Policy and Tardiness

Cell Phone Use

  • AHA will be moving to a no cell phone during class time policy as of January 9, 2024.
  • Students will put their phones away at the beginning of the class period in designated pockets.
  • If a student refuses to put their phone up; teachers will contact parents/guardians and submit a behavioral referral.

APS Handbook for student Success: Cell phone use falls under General Disruption Conduct. Misuse of cell phones and other forms of technology.

1st Violation - Verbal Warning/Restorative Justice
2nd Violation - Up to one day with phone taken away by deans
3rd Violation - Up to one week with phone taken away by deans
4th Violation - Up to 2 weeks or more with phone take away by deans

Tardiness and Ditching

  • 1st period tardy students must receive a Tardy Pass from the front office and report to their 1st period class.
  • After 1st period, all classroom doors will be locked (2nd - 7th periods).
  • If a student attempts to enter class late they will be picked up in a tardy sweep.
  • After being picked up students will report to E Lecture Hall (Student Success Center).
  • Once in Student Success Center:

1. Students will complete a Character Connections Packet.
2. Students will remain in Student Success Center for the remainder of the period and complete any classwork available.
3. For Attendance, students will be marked TS -Tardy Sweep in Synergy.
4. Students will complete the work they are missing from the class they were locked out of.

At the end of the week, Attendance Team and Deans will meet to review data. Any student who has 10+ Tardies / Ditching will be assigned Character Connections Lunch Detention. Parents will be notified of truancy and grades.