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Student Resources

Suicide/Crisis Support

Sometimes it's hard to talk about our problems with family and friends. There are trained crisis hotline specialists and volunteers ready to provide compassionate, non-judgmental help for anyone in need of emotional support.

LGBT Resources

Healthy Relationships

Romantic Relationships

Relationships are an important part of being a teenager and an important part of development. Teenagers are capable of experiencing a strong bond in their relationships similar to adult relationships. Often, grown-ups dismiss the power of young romantic relationships basically because these relationships are viewed as immature and inexperienced. However, these relationships have the potential to grow emotionally and could last a long time.


Being a teenager in high school can be difficult. Having a friend to talk to and support you can make it tolerable, especially if they can relate to your experiences. It is not easy dealing with life's struggles alone. A friend who is genuine, trustworthy and dependable can help.

Cyber Smarts

Being Cyber Smart means lots of things. It can range from what you are posting on the internet to putting your smartphone away while you are driving. Either way, it is important for you to use your brain and "think" about what you are doing when you are dealing with the cyber world.