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What is AVID?

Advancement Via Individual Determination(AVID) is a program aimed at closing the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

AVID Secondary begins with an elective class, where AVID students learn important academic and critical thinking skills. AVID Elective students hear guest speakers, attend field trips to colleges, and learn college knowledge in their AVID Elective class. There is also tutoring twice a week, usually with college-aged tutors. Students, tutors, and teachers form a support system referred to as their AVID family.

Participation in the AVID Elective class is voluntary, and students are often nominated and interviewed to join. AVID Elective students are usually students who are traditionally underrepresented in higher education, and they show potential for college success. AVID works to give the students the knowledge and tools they need to get to and through college. AVID School wide is another facet of AVID Secondary and happens when AVID methodologies permeate a campus so that all students benefit from AVID strategies.

Stole and Four-Year Letter Qualifications

To receive a stole, AVID students must have been enrolled in AVID through their senior year.

An AVID students will receive a four-year letter if they have been enrolled in AVID for all four years of high school and passed the class with a "B" or higher all eight semesters.

Contact Information

Rubieanne Moralez
Teacher, AVID 9
Phone: (505) 243-1458, ext. 60225

Renae Scott
Teacher, AVID 10
Phone: (505) 243-1458, ext. 60247

Augustine Garcia
Teacher, AVID 11

Phone: (505) 218-6583, ext. 60126

Salvatore Treppiedi
Teacher, AVID 12, and AVID Site Coordinator

Phone: (505) 243-1458, ext. 60056