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Fine Arts Academy Lead
Contact Kerrie Rasmussen  Kerrie Rasmussen (505) 243-1458 English Language Arts--12
Fine Arts Academy Teachers
Contact Leah Caruso  Leah Caruso (505) 243-1458 ex: 60059 Photography I/II/III Teacher
Contact Angelica Facio  Angelica Facio (505) 243-1458 Choir Director / Guitar Teacher
Contact Kerrie Rasmussen  Kerrie Rasmussen (505) 243-1458 English Language Arts--12
Contact Christina Young  Christina Young (505) 243-1458 Band Director

Fine Arts Academy

The Fine Arts Academy

The visual, dramatic, and liberal arts play important roles as important forms of human communication in our past, present, and future as a society. This understanding is formulated in the role of the Arts in education as the keystone of all of our programs and course of study, and it is the primary means of exposing our students to the richness of art, music, poetry, dance, theater, and drama through the practices and techniques of making art; an awareness and practice of critical thought; and the practices and methods for understanding the history of art and music. The curricula in the Fine Arts Department reflects both the liberal arts knowledge in separate disciplines and areas of expertise and also encourages and requires cross-disciplinary study based on Atrisco Heritage Academy’s Common Core Standards. The Faculty in the Fine Arts Academy recognizes that it is our responsibility to help our students to develop critical thinking skills and to become effective writers, creators, and thinkers about the power of art, knowledge, image, music, poetry, photography, dance, and theater in addition to our other core academic requirements as required by the State of New Mexico. We are dedicated to the exploration of art within the paradigm of a Western-focused canon of Art History, but just as importantly, we focus on and encourage exploration of the multicultural and Indigenous frameworks of art as well.