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Credit Countdown!

Every credit counts!!! 

Meet with your School Counselor to go over your high school credits and transcript!

There are many tutoring services available at AHA.

If you happen to fail a class, make sure you talk to your School Counselor to register for a Credit Recovery Class.


Juniors & Seniors

Letter of Recommendation Request Form

For most scholarships/admission applications, you may need a letter of recommendation from a principal, teacher, school counselor, employer or someone who knows you well. Fill out this request form so they will know useful information about you in order to write an exceptional letter of recommendation. PLEASE ASK THEM TO WRITE THE LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION AT LEAST 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE DUE DATE. I also suggest you give your recommender an unofficial transcript and a resume.

Letter of Recommendation Request Form

Junior Information

The Junior's Guide to Planning for College

  • By the end of your junior year, you should have 3-5 colleges/universities that you are interested in applying to.
  • Know what requirements are needed for those colleges/universities (GPA, ACT or SAT scores, Letter of Recommendations, etc.)
  • Please know all the deadlines that will happen during your SENIOR YEAR!!!! Admission Applications and Scholarship deadlines occur very early during your Senior Year!!!

Senior Information

ACT Prep

Sign up for the ACT! 

In the College Go Center, there are Free Practice ACT Test Booklets. 

Register for the test on the ACT Website.

Recommended Test Dates:

  • April (Juniors)
  • September (Senior Year, if you need to re-take it for a higher score)
  • October (Senior Year, if you need to re-take it for a higher score)

SAT Prep

If you are applying to a University that requires an SAT score, make sure you sign up!!!

Register for the test on the SAT College Board Website.

Recommended Test Dates:

  • Spring Test Dates for Juniors
  • Re-take Beginning of your Senior year (if you need a higher score)