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AHA Instructional Council

When does IC meet?

Instructional Council is meeting on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month. 

Instructional Council is meeting virtually at this time. 

Want to attend IC?

If you are interested in attending the next Instructional Council meeting, please email Mr. Soto at and he will send you the information to join the meeting. 

AHA Instructional Council Protocols
Members of AHA Instructional Council
  • IC chair - Roland Soto
  • Administration - Principal Irene Cisneros
  • Math - Ron Yoder 
  • Science - Brian Schreiber/Maggee Osta 
  • Social Studies - Ashley Schreiber
  • PE - Marah Rogers 
  • Special Ed - Elizabeth Hill 
  • English  - Tim Leyba / Rene Latasa 
  • CTE - Scott Trujillo 
  • MCNL- Caitlin Hein
  • Fine Arts - Caleb Esquivel 
  • Counseling - Sarah Schmidt
  • TLF- Venessa Urioste
  • Student leaders: Alexis Quinones & Cristian Hernandez