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Start a club at Atrisco Heritage

See Ms. Marquez-Candelaria in the Activities Office.

Requirements for forming a Student Organization at Atrisco Heritage are as follows:

  • At least 10 interested students
  • Must be a special interest group that is not already available via another campus organization.
  • All groups must have a AHA staff advisor who is able to oversee and supervise all club activities.
  • Outside organizations wishing to work with AHA students must have an MOU on file with the District
  • Club meetings must be held regularly on campus during the school day or after school

List of Clubs

Find a full list of AHA Clubs and Organizations (Google Sheets)

Atrisco Heritage Academy Club and Co-Curricular Organization Standards

Co-curricular Organization -
any Student activity that has a curricular (class credit) component. Examples are, Band, DECA, Student Council, Mariachi, etc. Any interested student may enroll in a co-curricular class and be held to the standards of the group.

Club - Any student interest organization that exists to meet student interests that are not offered in the curriculum. Example, Jaguars for Positive Change, Fashion Club, MeCha. Any interested student may join a club. 

Honors Organizations: Any student selected to be recognized for outstanding academic or other achievement may participate in an Honors Organization. Membership is selective based on eligibility. Example, National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta Math Honors Society. 

NMAA Sanctioned Activity - Groups/individuals that compete representing their school in NMAA Sponsored events.

Eligibility - Academic eligibility as determined by the NMAA (2.0 GPA at semester and no Fs) is required for participants in NMAA sanctioned events. Some groups may set eligibility standards for students in leadership roles or as a requirement to participate in field trips or activities that will cause the student to miss class. NMAA eligibility is not required for general membership in a Club or Extra-curricular organization.

Awards - The incentive to participation that is provided by each group to award commitment to and participation in an AHA groups. This can be a Chenille letter, medal, or Senior Honor Cord.

Sanctioned Clubs and Organizations: 

  • All student organizations must be sanctioned by the AHA Activities Director and the Principal
  • Requirements for approval are:
  • MOU on file with APS for outside organizations (Evolvement, MeCha, etc)
  • An AHA Staff member must serve as the adult advisor for the group
  • At least 10 student members 
  • A Club/Organization Constitution must be on file with the Activities Office
  • A Club account must be created with the schools bookkeeper
  • Evidence of maintenance of attendance and participation records for membership

Responsibilities of the Advisor:

  • Attend Monthly Advisors’ Meetings with the Activities Director
  • Maintain accurate membership and monthly attendance records
  • Attend and actively supervise ALL Club meetings
  • Make monthly attendance records accessible to the Community Schools Coordinator for maintenance of the OST Grant (as applicable)
  • Coordinate regular meetings and supervise the planning and implementation of all Club activities
  • Ensure that Club activities are in alignment with the AHA Mission and Vision and promote leadership and community service development both on campus and off. 
  • Maintain regular communication with the Activities Director regarding updates, fundraisers, club needs, etc
  • Ascertain that all members have met the criteria for receiving awards and honors cords based on a verifiable record of attendance and participation. 
  • Assume the primary leadership role in organizing events, maintaining membership records, setting up fundraisers and collecting/depositing of funds (this should not fall to a student)
  • Maintain a means to communicate with students/families via Remind, Classroom, etc. 
  • Coordinate with Activities Director regarding all events on campus and off such as guest speakers, field trips, special events, etc
  • Train student leaders and members to understand and adhere to all AHA expectations for Clubs and Organizations and the APS Code of Conduct 
  • Create/maintain a binder or other record containing club constitution, service projects, financial records, physicals (as applicable), code of conduct, and attendance/participation records.
  • It is the Advisor’s responsibility to ensure that should they be unable to continue to oversee the group, that the new Advisor is able to make as seamless a transition as possible to avoid disruption to the function of the group.
  • Provide updated information regarding the group on the AHA Club Info Sheet. 
  • Enter all club events (meeting, competitions, fundraisers, etc) on the AHA Community Calendar
  • Distribute the APS Code of Conduct to all student members and maintain a file with the signed forms

Responsibilities of Student Members:

General Membership - in order to be considered an “Active Member” of a group, a student attend all class/organization meetings regularly and participate in 80% of all club activities. Students must check in with the Advisor and be sure to sign in/check in at each activity or meeting. Students are encouraged to maintain their own records of attendance and participation for the purposes of earning awards

Officers - Officers will be elected by the group membership in a fair and transparent election to be held either at the conclusion of the school year (in preparation for the following year) or at the beginning of the school year. Each club constitution must articulate the process for electing student leaders. Student officers are able to facilitate  meetings under the Advisors direction, plan and coordinate events, support the Advisor in maintaining records for the group, communicate with club membership on a regular basis, and attend Captains Council Meetings once a month. 

Awards and Incentives:

The following are the awards that can be earned through participation in Extra and Co-curricular Activities at Atrisco Heritage Academy:

Letter/Bar/Certificate - Awarded annually to students who have demonstrated a year-long, consistent commitment to participating as the member of a group. This award is reserved for Co-curricular Organizations due to the daily participatory nature of the groups and NMAA Sanctioned status. 

The letter progression is as follows:
Year 1 - Chenille Letter
Year 2 & 3 - Bar to be pinned to letter
Year 4 - Plaque or certificate

Senior Honor Cords - Senior Honor Cords are reserved only for those Graduating Seniors who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and service to a group over multiple years.
Requirements are:

Co-curricular Organizations - Two years consecutive, outstanding membership (must include participation during Senior Year) based on attendance and participation records maintained by the Advisor - 90% attendance rate is recommended. 

Clubs - Three Years of consecutive membership (including Senior year) based on attendance and participation records maintained by the Advisor

For all groups: a 2.0 GPA at the time the award is issued. Groups may set their individual eligibility requirements higher than 2.0, as long as these expectations are clearly articulated in the Club Constitution and are understood by the student membership.  90% attendance rate is recommended. 

Captains’ Council: Once a month the Student Body Officers will hold a meeting for all Club/Organization/Sports Student Leaders for the purposes of networking and coordinating a support system for upcoming individual group and schoolwide events. Each group is expected to have at least one representative in attendance at these meetings.

Activities and Athletics Code of Conduct:

As representatives of Atrisco Heritage Academy, all students participating in an Extra or Co-curricular Activity must have a signed Activities and Athletics Code of Conduct form on file with the Advisor. This form must be accompanied by a signed summary of each club's attendance/ participation/awards requirements and must be signed and dated by the student and a parent to acknowledge their agreement to adhere to the school and organization expectations and requirements.