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Activities office Staff 

Activities Director
  Jessica Martinez (505) 243-1458 ex: 60002 Activities Director


  Maria Marquez-candelaria (505) 243-1458 ex: 60475 Student Support

The Student Activities Office and the Activities Director works with our Student Representatives and school Administration to provide a variety of benefits and a co-curricular and extra-curricular participation opportunities for our Student Body. The Activities Office oversees and coordinates fundraisers, AHA Clubs and Organizations, Dances, Assemblies, Pep Rallies,  Student Parking, IDs, Photos, Graduation and all Student Activities at Atrisco Heritage outside of Curriculum and Athletics. 

The Activities Office is located in the Main Cafeteria.


Activities Office

STUDENT IDs, Lockers, and Student Parking Permits are available at the Activities office.  

For information regarding Senior Photos and yearbook Photos - contact Lifetouch Photography at 1-866-955-8342