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Academic Development

Transcript Reviews and Graduation Requirements

Many seniors wished they had taken their freshman and sophomore years more seriously academically. It wasn't until their junior/senior year that they realized the importance of their cumulative GPA and how it impacts their college acceptance. Too many students told us they had to work double time on grades to get their GPA's to be at a respectable level. Because of this, transcripts need to be taken seriously. Students need to understand the importance of working hard all four years of high school and finishing strong each year.

Day one of attending high school is where it all begins! Colleges look at your grades starting your freshman year! If you are ever struggling with your classes, ask your teachers for extra help. There is also tutoring available at Atrisco Heritage Academy High School.

It is important that students review their transcript for accuracy. Personal information, final grades, credits earned, graduation requirements, etc.

Your Grade Point Average: Your final grades for each class average your GPA. You have a semester GPA; each semester GPA averages your overall cumulative GPA. AP (Advanced Placement) courses and Honors courses give extra weight to your GPA. If you have taken AP or Honors courses and have done well in them, you will notice your Weighted GPA is higher than your Flat GPA. That is also another reason why it is encouraged to take AP or Honors courses during your high school years; it looks very good to college representatives that you have taken the most rigorous courses in high school.

Colleges/Universities look at student’s GPA and Standardized Test Scores (ACT/SAT) to get admitted. That is why it is important you are taking high school seriously. You are in high school, beginning your freshman year, to get you prepared for college and career opportunities.

Parents, please spend some time reviewing the transcript with your child and explain the importance of working hard all four years. Acceptance into college and the workforce is becoming more and more competitive. We want to be sure that all of our students graduating from Atrisco Heritage Academy High School are well prepared for the 21st century with skills needed to be a successful contributing members of society.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the counseling department at (505) 243-1458.

Helpful Links

Recovering Credits

Never Give Up

Never Give Up
It happened.  You failed a class, and now have to figure out the best way to recover the credit.  We have options for you to recover your credits.  Meet with your AHA Professional School Counselor to make a plan.  Here are some recovery options:

  • eCademy
  • APS Summer School
  • APS approved online courses

Option 1: 
eCademy, is an online recovery program where students independently work on their own to recover credits.  The cost of recovering a course is $25.00 per semester.  Students can work at their own pace and some students have completed a course in 6 weeks. Find more information regarding eCademy.

Option 2: 
Summer School has both face to face recovery options and online recovery options.  Pre-registration for summer typically takes place in April. Find more information regarding "Summer School".

Option 3: 
Other APS approved online recovery providers are IDEAL-NMDigital Arts and Technology Academy (DATA) and Southwest Secondary Learning Center. These providers may have fees associated with their recovery courses, please click on the provider links for more information.

Summer school is an excellent way to recover credits, and to get ahead. Please meet with your Professional School Counselor to prepare for your summer school goals. Registration for summer school typically begins in April.

Tips to improve your G.P.A.

Many students want to improve their G.P.A.  Here are some smart tips to maximize Grade Point Averages:

  • Meet with your Professional School Counselor, at least every semester, to review your transcript and set goals.
  • Take AP and Honors courses.  
  • Work hard in your classes to make the best possible grade. "A's" are amazing and will really help your GPA.
  • If you received a low grade in a class, consider retaking the course through summer school, eCademy or other APS approved providers.

APS Approved Online Providers