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Academy Leads
Contact Daniel Leyba  Daniel Leyba (505) 243-1458 ex: 60022 9th Grade Dean of Students
Contact Raquel Medina  Raquel Medina (505) 243-1458 Law I, Law II & Mock Trial, Head of Law Academy
Contact Kerrie Rasmussen  Kerrie Rasmussen (505) 243-1458 English Language Arts--12
Contact Roland Soto Jr  Roland Soto Jr (505) 243-1458 Business Academy Chairperson / Business/DECA Teacher

About AHA Academies

Academies are now up and running. During registration, our freshman will be selecting from the following five Small Learning Academies. Career Academies are "schools-within-schools" organized around career themes. They integrate academic and vocational instruction, provide work-based learning opportunities for students and prepare students for postsecondary education and employment, with the personalized learning environment of a small community. Teachers and students integrate academic and occupation-related classes as a way to enhance real-world relevance and maintain high academic standards. Local employer partnerships provide program planning guidance, mentors and work internships. Career academies place an emphasis on building relationships between students and teachers as well as work-site supervisors and other employer representatives.

In selecting an academy, students will take courses that integrate academic and vocational instruction into the curriculum. Within each academy, students will be able to participate with other academy programs such as Engineering and Technology, Craft Services, and DECA. In addition, core academic courses (English, Math, Social Studies, Modern Languages, Science and PE) will integrate curriculum each academy area over the next three years of their education at Atrisco Heritage Academy High School.

Course Selection Information

Course Catalog

Fill out the Course Request Cards for your grade level. They are found at the end of the Course Catalog.

9th Grade Students select an academy (Once you select an academy, you cannot switch it).

  • Film
  • Health
  • Business
  • Fine Arts
  • Law


Select your English class

Select your Math class

Select your Social Studies Class

Select your Language Class

Select your Elective class (s)

Select AP or Honors for a more rigorous class.


Please see Mr. Salazar with any questions:
243-1458 ext. 60100