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Law & Leadership Academy
Contact Augustine Garcia  Augustine Garcia (505) 243-1458 ex: 60126 Math Teacher
Contact Lilia Martinez  Lilia Martinez (505) 243-1458 MCL Teacher
Contact Raquel Medina  Raquel Medina (505) 243-1458 Law I, Law II & Mock Trial, Head of Law Academy
Contact Azucena Molo Abella  Azucena Molo Abella (505) 243-1458 Financial Literacy
Contact Micah Newman  Micah Newman (505) 243-1458 Social Studies / Read 180 Teacher / Head Boys Soccer Coach
Contact Brizelda Ramirez  Brizelda Ramirez (505) 243-1458 Spanish Bilingual / Ethnic Studies Teacher
Contact Regina Saromines  Regina Saromines (505) 243-1458 ex: 60097 Precalculus and Transition College Math

Law & Leadership


Law & Leadership

Mission: To serve and educate our students about the fundamentals of law, order, freedom, civil rights, and liberties so that they may be better leaders for the communal and global common good.

Vision: To shape and define just and sustainable laws and policies through scholarly discovery, ethical advocacy, inspired teaching and generous public service.

The Law Academy is a group of teachers representing the core curriculum areas (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies). With accordance to the common core standards, we will implement law teachings and strategies in our daily lessons. Teachers meet weekly during a common planning period to standardize expectations, develop possible cross curriculum assignments, and (when necessary) conference with students and/or parents.

What we do:

The Law/Leadership Academy, which includes programs in Law I (intro to law), Mock Trial (I, II, & III), ROTC, Forensic Science, and Constitutional Law (Law II), is the result of collaboration between Atrisco Heritage Academy, University of New Mexico School of Law as well as New Mexico Hispanic Bar Association and National Hispanic Bar. Along with basic high school curriculum, this pathway provides a curriculum designed to help students explore opportunities and develop skills for careers in many related fields including:

  • Law 
  • Investigation
  • Corrections
  • Forensic Science
  • EMT/Paramedic
  • Court Reporting,
  • Paralegal
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Fighting 
  • Military

The outcome will be students who are prepared with 21st century skills for the specialized education and training for any of these careers. Also, this academy is dedicated to molding students to be better citizens and focuses on developing essential life skills.

Law Academy Pledge

Law academy studentsI pledge to develop my mind to the greatest extent possible.
I will learn all that I can in order to give my best to my community.
I will keep myself physically fit, building a strong body free from drugs and other substances which weaken me and make me less capable of protecting myself, or others I care about.
I will unselfishly share my knowledge and understanding with others in order to bring about change more quickly.
I will not lie, cheat, or steal but act with respect and kindness.
I will discipline myself to direct my energies thoughtfully and constructively rather than wasting them in idle hatred.
I will train myself never to hurt or allow others to harm those around me.
These principles I pledge to practice daily and to teach them to others in order to better my community.