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Film Academy Lead
Contact Nicole Kurland  Nicole Kurland (505) 243-1458 Film & Graphics Teacher
AHA Film & Technology Colleagues
Contact Ellena Atencio  Ellena Atencio (505) 243-1458 Geometry
Contact Leah Caruso  Leah Caruso (505) 243-1458 ex: 60059 Photography I/II/III Teacher
Contact Christopher Gallegos  Christopher Gallegos (505) 243-1458 ex: 60448 Bilingual Social Studies/ Social Studies Department Chairperson
Contact Jordy Hicks  Jordy Hicks (505) 243-1458 Science Teacher
Contact Nicole Kurland  Nicole Kurland (505) 243-1458 Film & Graphics Teacher
Contact Maria Santos  Maria Santos (505) 243-1458 ex: 60446 Math Teacher
Contact Walter Trujillo  Walter Trujillo (505) 243-1458 Digital Film Production; Television Production
Contact Venessa Urioste  Venessa Urioste (505) 243-1458 Social Studies Teacher

AHA Film & Technology Academy

Our Mission & Vision

production with cameraMission: Students in the AHA Film & Technology Academy will apply unique perspectives and problem-solving skills across the curriculum to positively impact their communities. Students will be prepared for post-secondary academics and/or careers in creative media industries.

Vision: The AHA Film and Technology Academy centers on helping students gain advantages in 21st-century education and career choices, and is designed to meet the multiple demands of creative industries in New Mexico and beyond. We emphasize Multiple Literacies, Community Connections, Global Awareness and Creative Curiosity.

Click on picture below to view Film & Technology Academy promo video.FTA promo video

link to killer cake videoView  the 1st Place Animation winners Ivan Nunez and Jaden Romero's stop motion video "Killer Cake!" This video won first place in the Future Voices of New Mexico 2015 Film & Photography Contest.


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Interdisciplinary Units

The collaborative Interdisciplinary Learning model helps students connect learning across content areas, and affords them the opportunity to create new, unique learning opportunities in the context of project-based activities.

AHAHS Film & Technology Academy colleagues work together to develop a number of "Interdisciplinary Units" throughout the year that incorporate lessons from multiple classrooms, at or across grade levels.  For example, a Social Studies teacher may collaborate with Language Arts and Film Production teachers to create a learning unit that incorporates research, reading and writing, critical thinking and analysis, and the creation of unique products (i.e. essays, short documentary films, multi-media presentations) that demonstrate student learning in diverse and engaging ways.  A Science teacher may choose to work with Math and Computer Graphics teachers to create a project that allows students to incorporate higher-order mathematics skills with visual representations of their investigations (i.e. interactive maps, animations, graphs, etc.).

Our goal with these collaboratively developed Interdisciplinary Units is to create rigorous, relevant and engaging learning opportunities that connect with our diverse learners to capitalize on and develop students' skills, knowledge and imagination.

Film & Technology Locker
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