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Contacting Your Counselor

Mr. Brandon Boiser
9th grade: A - L
505.243.1458 (ext.60026)
F-Building Admin. Office


Mr. Clyde Archibeque
9th grade: M - Z
505.243.1458 (ext. 60003)
F-Building Admin. Office


Mr. Connor Lucero
10-12th grades: A - C
505.243.1458 (ext. 60040)
Counseling Center


Mrs. Leticia Montano
10-12th grades: D - Ha
505.243.1458 (ext. 60132)
Counseling Center


Ms. Kateri Sisneros
10-12th grades: He - Mi
505.243.1458 (ext.60102)
Counseling Center


Ms. Jana Villegas
10-12th grades: Mo - Ro
505.243.1458 (ext. 60162)
Health Office


Mrs. Marlina McCall
10-12th grades: Ru - Z
505.243.1458 (ext. 60107)
Counseling Center


Mrs. Nancy Traylor
College Counselor
505.243.1458 (ext. 60134)
"E" Building - Room 112 - Available Wednesdays & Thursdays only.


Counseling Secretary
505.243.1458 (ext. 60153)
Counseling Center

Things our counseling secretary can assist you with….

  • Schedule Print Out (New Students ONLY)
  • Unofficial Transcript (Grad Profile)
  • Grade Check Forms
  • Report Card
  • Name Not On Roster
  • Work Permits
  • Summer School Information
  • CEC Information
  • Ecademy Information/Payment
  • Parent/Student View
  • ACT/SAT Waivers
  • Laptop Checkout

AHA Professional Counseling Department

AHA Counseling Office Hours:

The AHA Counseling offices are open Monday - Friday


7am - 3pm

You can easily contact your school counselor by email or phone to set up an appointment.  If you need immediate counseling services please request a pass from a teacher to immediately meet with a counselor. Participation with the counseling program is encouraged to ensure that educational needs are met.

Counselors can provide support in the following domains:

Academic Development:

  • Failing grades
  • Studying/ test taking strategies
  • Trouble in class
  • Post-secondary selection
  • Test score reviews

Career Development:

  • Career awareness/exploration
  • Interest inventories

Personal/Social Development:

  • Self-harming behaviors
  • Problems at home
  • Peer conflicts
  • Self-esteem
  • Anger management
  • Substance use concerns

Student Rights


Information discussed with the counselor is private unless the information needs to be shared to prevent danger to the student or others. If information needs to be shared, the counselor will make every effort to let you know of the appropriate source (s) that need to be contacted. This may be a parent/guardian, administrative personnel, protective services, or law enforcement. Other shared information includes court subpoenas and communication with other professionals to better support you. Our primary responsibility is to our students, but we also acknowledge parents rights to be informed.


Your counselor may assist you with an increased understanding of the issue (s) that have been brought to the counseling office. You may also feel better having discussed the issue (s) with someone who can help resolve your concern.


We want to help you, but there are no guarantees in counseling. You may feel some anxiety discussing certain issues with your counselor. This can be caused due to challenging your thoughts/ feelings in ways that may be uncomfortable, or new to you.



Counseling Sign In

Parents: If you need to contact your students counselor,  see the phone number and email list. 

Students: No appointment is needed during a crisis situation. If you are worried about your safety or the safety of a peer, please see your counselor right away.

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The Professional School Counselors at Atrisco Heritage Academy High School are dedicated to provide a comprehensive school counseling program to ensure personal/social, academic, and career development. We strive to provide a safe learning environment committed to achievement, high standards, accountability through collaboration with administration, parents, and community members so all students succeed as productive members of society.


The vision of the AHA School Counseling program is to empower all students to reach their fullest potential through academic, personal/social, and career goals. We seek to promote a holistic approach to overcoming barriers by addressing school, home and community issues for the enrichment of the individual student. We appreciate diversity and effectively use empathy and encouragement to maintain cultural awareness of self and others.