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Take a stand.  Learn how to become an engaged bystander! For more information and resources visit NOMORE.ORG

Healthy Relationships Should Include:

  • Trust

  • Open Communication

  • Humor

  • Common Goals

  • Sharing Decisions

  • Respect

Many teenagers become involved in unhealthy relationships and can feel confused, helpless, and afraid. Relationships can become abusive and violent. How can you tell if you are in an unhealthy/abusive relationship?

  • Are you afraid of your boyfriend/girlfriend?
  • If he/she is hurting you

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, you may need to see your Professional School Counselor. 

For additional information please visit these links: &

Self-care refers to the deliberate activities we do in order to meet our physical, emotional, and mental health needs. When we hear about self-care, it's usually in reference to adults. However, let's face it, adolescents are under a tremendous amount of pressure. Make sure to make time to take care of yourself!


Young Love and Friendships

Romantic Relationships

Relationships are an important part of being a teenager and an important part of development.  Teenagers are capable of experiencing a strong bond in their relationships similar to adult relationships.  Often, grown-ups dismiss the power of young romantic relationships basically because these relationships are viewed as immature and inexperienced.  However, these relationships have the potential to grow emotionally and could last a long time. 

Do You Know Your Love Language?

The Break-up

broken heart.jpeg

The "break-up" can be more complex depending on how strong the bond was between the romantic partners, how long they were together, and why the break-up happened.  So, now what?  A break-up can be difficult and can take time to recover from.  There is no magic length of time to heal from a break-up.  However, it can depend on how connected you felt to your boyfriend or girlfriend.  Many teenagers identify themselves through their relationships, and after a break-up they have to rediscover who they are. This process is not easy because you are experiencing a loss in your life; you are grieving.  So it is common to feel anger, sadness, confusion, and jealousy.  Sometimes you feel these emotions all at once.  If it feels too hard to get your life back on track, remember it is important to talk to someone you trust and get some help.

Friendship quote

Parents' role in relationships

Parents may have some helpful advice and insight to your teenage relationships. Parents are most helpful when they take the time to listen and validate your experiences. They may have similar experiences and can help you troubleshoot ideas to help with relationship difficulties. For more help and information, please meet with your Professional School Counselor.  Also check out this amazing resource: 

Parents and teen relationships



Friendships are an essential part of the high school experience, and a natural part of development. Friendships can vary from person to person. Sometimes teenagers have the same friend since elementary school and others may constantly have new friends, either way friendships are important.  

Click here to learn how you can be a good friend:


Being a teenager in high school can be difficult.  Having a friend to talk to and support you can make it tolerable, especially if they can relate to your experiences. It is not easy dealing with life's struggles alone. A friend who is genuine, trustworthy and dependable can help.